Neutrino+ Plus - Aurora model
Neutrino+ Plus - Aurora model
Neutrino+ Plus - Aurora model
Neutrino+ Plus - Aurora model
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Neutrino+ Plus - Aurora model
Neutrino Black Box

Neutrino+ Plus - Aurora model

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Neutrino+ Black Box - intelligent device controller for your motorcycle. 

Available in two models, the entry level model Element and this more advanced model Aurora.

Neutrino+ Black Boxes allow you to integrate the operation of your motorcycle accessories. By tidying and organising wires, switches, fuses, relays and rotary controllers, and managing them all with a singular interface (your smartphone), Aurora is the ultimate power distribution module.

Make your brake lights flash on deceleration, link circuits for extra power, and easily control accessories and modifications. We particularly love the speed control, sunset/sunrise lighting control and temperature controls. Monitor a load of environmental data including ambient temperature, heading and altitude. The Neutrino Plus Black Box enables you to control the amount of power driving devices like GPS units, thermofans, additional power outlets plus much more. Extra power is easily accessed through a USB Power Adapter Cable.
A free downloadable app gives a complete overview of your accessories and controls all functionality. Once you have personalised your setup, the Neutrino+ Black Box (both models) runs autonomously and there is no need for your smartphone to be continually connected. Waterproof and shock resistant the Neutrino+ Black Box can handle the rigours of any ride.

This brilliant little module can be set to react incrementally to environmental factors. Imagine your heat grips gradually get warmer as the temperature drops or auxiliary lighting gradually increases in brightness as the skies darken around you. Clever.

Read more about this amazing gadget in the Specifications tab.

Available in two models, the entry level model Element, and the more advanced Aurora. You might also be interested in our Element model. 

Black Boxes also work brilliantly with our GloveTacts touchscreen glove system.

Phew! We're exhausted just thinking about it.


      Aurora's completely user configurable system features;

      Distribution: up to 60 amps of power over 6 circuits
      Power: Can handle up to 20A on one circuit (Circuit 2)
      Fuse: Protect circuits via electronic circuit breaker (no more replacing fuses, yes please)
      Battery Charge: Direct battery charger input
      Control: Programmable self-resetting circuit breakers
      Information: Interface provides voltage, altimeter, temperature, speed, clock, and full circuit monitoring, advanced circuit-level and system level voltage monitoring
      Simplify: Replace up to 6 switches or dials with virtual switches
      Relays: Control high amperage circuits without using relays
      Connectivity: Bluetooth eliminates the need for wiring to be routed to the front of your bike
      Use: Virtual switches or full automation it's your choice
      Command: Control circuits based on ambient temperature, vehicle speed, time of day, or through an existing hardwired switch
      Failsafe: Be in control with instantaneous system status with configurable alarms, detailed fault analysis and automatic shutdown
      Auto Reboot: Watchdog timer for automatic reboot of the system (if lock-up occurs)
      Temperature: External thermo-sensor (temperature) lead
      Build: Heavy-duty construction using six layer circuit board with heavy copper layers Unique ID: Individually named units simplifies fleet management
      Hardwired: Accessible and configurable screw terminals for power and ground plane connectivity
      Variable: Control over the amount of energy distributed to devices such as heat grips and auxiliary lighting
      More power: Extra power via USB Power Adapter Cable


      Your choice of units of measure (metric and non metric)
      Configuration and control via free smartphone app (iPhone and Android supported)
      Make adjustments on the go through your smartphone with the fully configurable system (but never while riding friends - safety first!)

        In addition to the existing automation capabilities found in the Element, the Aurora also allows for,
        Garage door activation
        Servo motor control 
        Circuit linking
        Headlight modulation 
        Deceleration-based brake light activation
        Adaptive temperature based circuit control
        Adaptive speed based circuit control
        Sunset based circuit control

        External switch circuit activation

        Size and weight:

        Weight: 280 g
        Dimensions: Height 50.80 mm/2" x Width 76.20 mm/3" x Depth 22.86 mm/0.9" 


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