Welcome to our new website

It's been a long time coming and now it's here. We're delighted to launch our new website with new logo, new features and new products on their way.

It's all new, we hear you cry! But actually, it's not.

We're the same team with the same passion for motorcycles and motorcycle culture (whatever your expression of that looks like) and the same desire to make motorcycling better.

We are a small business run by a passionate lifelong motogeek and an excitable, enthusiastic, but frankly a little scared, beginner motobaby (not an actual baby, that would be illegal and impossible). We are both in the middle of life, with realities and day to day responsibilities and grind but we see a world of opportunity out there, we have a million ideas and we are excited. 

Part of what excites us, is sharing this journey with friends, new, old and not yet made. We want to build a community of riders, of all types, niches, genders and styles, so join us on our adventures.

We are fortunate to be able to do what we do, and we are sharing some of that with others who have have a tough time of life (or are continuing to do so) by donating a portion of our profits and time to Australian based charities. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post with our story.

In the meantime; peruse the store, let us know your thoughts. Tell us what you like, tell us what you loathe, tell us what you think is crappy and what makes you happy (help@smartmoto.com.au or use the Contact us form), heck even make a purchase if it takes your fancy. Whatever you do we're glad to have you onboard. 

Life's an adventure go ride it. 

Nic and Martine

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