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Couple taking selfie with touchscreen smartphone while wearing gloves with GloveTacts connectivity stickers.
Man wearing heavy duty industrial gloves with touchscreen connectivity using GloveTacts stickers.


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We all have that one pair of riding gloves that we love. They've been on a lot of rides, seen a lot of things and fit like a glove (pun intended), but they don't work on your phone.

What would you say if we could fix that? 

Well get ready to say that now, because here are GloveTacts. 

GloveTacts are a small sticker made to adhere to your gloves which provide connectivity to your smartphone. GloveTacts are made of materials that mimic our own body’s conductivity, so the effect of using GloveTacts to control the device is no different than using our own skin.

GloveTacts V3 are powered by ConnecTec-3D technology (a conductive material) which creates ultra-thin precise touch-screen sensitivity (that makes your glove actually connect to your screen). With improved design and performance over the first and second generation GloveTacts, we think these are the best connectivity solution on the market. 

  • Lifetime connection
  • Epic durability
  • Machine washable
  • Work in the wet
  • Continues to work in temperatures of -20 to 45 Celsius. Very hot environments may melt the adhesive which could result in the contacts moving (they get a little sweaty on hot days too).

And, they don't just work on your moto gloves, they work on all types of gloves, ski gloves, leather gloves, industrial gloves, bicycle gloves, neoprene gloves, even woollen gloves. Mind. Blown.

    Available in Australia and New Zealand only at SMART Moto.



    6 x contacts per pack
    Lightweight connective film, ultra thin.
    Can be used on cotton, wool, leather, man made leather, synthetics, Lycra and most man made fibre.

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