Sushi Roll Straps
Sushi Roll Straps
Deflated rubber tyre folded, wrapped with 2 black velcro straps. One strap vertical and one strap horizontal.
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Sushi Roll Straps

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Funny name, can't-live-without-product.

ADV Sushi named because they look like sushi rolls, (do you see what we did there?) is a webbing reinforced Velcro strap with integrated daisy loops (so you can link them together). These are more handy and environmentally friendly than cable ties and duct tape, because they are reusable. This is one of those products that you will use day in, day out, on your adventures and in everyday life. 

A single strap was load tested at 90 kg before it released and a single strap held 20 kg overnight with no issues.

Each pack has 4 Sushi @ 444 mm/17.5" reinforced velcro straps.

And it comes in lots of colours. Nice. 

Always available in black, colours dependent on stock availability.

We are proud to be the home of this awesome brand in Australia and New Zealand.


    444 mm/17.5" straps
    Heavy duty nylon webbing
    Reinforced stitched velcro 
    4 per pack

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