Motorcycle and ATV Tie Down Straps
Motorcycle and ATV Tie Down Straps
Motorcycle and ATV Tie Down Straps
Motorcycle and ATV Tie Down Straps
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Motorcycle and ATV Tie Down Straps

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Tie down straps for your precious cargo. There are times when riding just isn’t an option to transport your bike from one place to another, make sure that it gets there in one piece with these tie down straps.

Secure, stable, and soft yet strong these straps are fabricated from heavy duty 3.8cm (1.5”) UV resistant nylon webbing, PVC coated steel hooks with gates and integrated soft ties or rachets that don’t distress the webbing.

Dual Soft Tie style allows the strap to be tightened by pulling up or down. Green end on top = pull down. Green end on bottom = pull up.

  • Motorcycle Straps are sold in pairs.
  • Always inspect your straps before use and NEVER use a worn strap to secure your load.
  • With the Dual Soft Tie option we recommend using the metal hook to attach to the trailer or truck.


  • 3.8cm (1.5") Nylon Webbing - UV resistant and heavy duty.
  • Heavy Duty Cam Buckle - Zinc buckle and super strong 1.5" cam buckle. Dual stainless steel springs and pin.
  • Gated Hooks - Keeps webbing captured and stops movement and slips.
  • PVC Coated Steel Hooks - Prevents scratching and protects the hook.
  • Integrated Soft Tie - Quick and easy way to attach the strap to the bike with no metal hardware touching your bike. Combined with the gated hooks, it can't slip off.
  • Color Coded - Green end makes it easy to see which end you are working with.
  • Dual Soft Tie (Option) - Allows you to orient the cam buckle to pull up or down to tighten. 
  • 450Kg (1,000 lb) Working Load – Strong

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