Uprising Luggage System
Uprising Luggage System
Uprising Luggage System
Uprising Luggage System
Uprising Luggage System
Uprising Luggage System
Green Chile Adventure Gear

Uprising Luggage System

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Join the Uprising and get this incredible luggage system.

Looking to escape the madness? Then look to this incredible luggage system to help you get your stuff from A to B. The Uprising Luggage System forms a solid base to load luggage onto and is customisable using our range of runners, loops, cams and pannier handles. You will be able to haul up to four bags of your choice. This system can be rigged for day trips and easily scaled up for an expedition or extended trip.

This unique product is compatible with just about any motorcycle and soft luggage combination that you'd care to throw at it. Adventure bikes, dirt bikes and cruisers, the Uprising Soft Rack does it all. And the genius of this is that any bag becomes motorcycle luggage, you don't need to buy specific bags. This system gives you the ability to carry two bags on the back and two bags on the side.

The flexible soft rack system attaches easily to fenders, footpegs, sissy bars, or your existing rack. Just tighten up the sturdy cam buckles and you're ready to get rigging! Use the versatile combination of runner loops, tensioner straps, and velcro loops to affix any bag you please to any one of over 60 daisy-chain style contact points. 

Super sturdy climbing strength 25 mm/1" tubular nylon webbing with reinforced stitching creates a strong base with a long lifespan and reduced stretch, meaning things stay right where they are meant to be! Handcrafted with heavy duty steel cam buckles and tensioner loops, this does everything system really does do everything. And it comes in a color to suit your motorcycle. If you have some ideas of your own we offer the soft rack straps as a separate item.

As always dry bags not included. Like all Green Chile Adventure Gear it comes in a range of colours. Always available in black, colours dependent on stock availability.

We are proud to be the home of this awesome brand in Australia and New Zealand.


        1 x Uprising Soft Rack Base
        2 x Soft Rack Side Straps
        6 x Cam Tension Loops
        2 x Ring Tension Loops
        2 x Ring Loops
        2 x 1.8m/6' Runner Loops
        4 x 1.2m/4' Runner Loops

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