Dirt Bike Lift Strap
Dirt Bike Lift Strap
Dirt Bike Lift Strap
Dirt Bike Lift Strap
Dirt Bike Lift Strap
Dirt Bike Lift Strap
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Dirt Bike Lift Strap

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Looks like you're stuck. Need some help to get out of the rut? Get a handle on things with our Dirt Bike Lift Straps.

This simple, lightweight strap constructed of 25mm/1" thin nylon webbing with flat stainless steel tri-glide buckles to attach to your bike, is the rescue tool you need when your bike has gotten stuck. Our comfort grip handle makes it much easier and less painful to grasp and pull the weight of a bike. You can really put some grunt into it and the tubular design of the grip won't have your fingers turning purple from the effort!

The construction is soft against fork tubes and wheels and simple yet thoughtful design eliminates buckles and clips scratching against your bike. This means your graphics, metal and paintwork are safe with the Dirt Bike Lift Strap. We've also eliminated the contact noise and bouncing that is often found on retrieval devices.

Save precious seconds in a race or just get help from a friend on the trails, this is a tool that will allow you keep on adventuring.


Dirt Bike Lift Strap Installation
1. Place the loose end around the inside of the fork tube. You can install the handle above or below the bottom triple clamp according to preference.
2. Wrap the loose end around the fork tube and pass it through the first slot in the metal tri-glide.
3. Pass the end through the second slot of the metal tri-glide.
4. Pull the loose end to tighten around the fork. It is not necessary to get the strap extremely tight.
5. Run the loose end back through the first slot in the metal tri-glide to “lock” it in. **NOTE** - This step MUST be done to prevent it from slipping off during a hard pull.


    Quick tool-less install
    Stainless steel hardware (no metal contacts your fork tubes)
    Comfort Grip Handle
    Fits any bike

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