Bottle Holster
Bottle Holster
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Bottle Holster

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Holster that bottle people! Suitable for bottles with a circumference of 292mm/11.5" and useful for either fuel or beverages.

Use this holster to carry extra fuel for the just-in-case moments or to keep two stroke fuels separated until needed. This holster works fantastically with Uprising Soft Rack, Hardcore Soft Rack, or anything you can get the straps around. Need to carry extra liquids this holster will keep it safe.

We all know that we have got to keep fluids up on a ride and what better way to keep yourself hydrated than keeping your bottle right by your side? Avoid having to faff around pulling bottles out of bags, unfastening and refastening them all for a gulp of your favourite electrolyte filled beverage with this easy access holster. The holster straps to your bike frame and keeps your bottle nice and snug so you can hit the whoas and the oops without losing your bottle.

The holster includes four straps to secure it to mount points on your bike. Top fastenings to keep shorter bottles, or bottles without a slotted lid, secure.

Bottles not included.

We are proud to be the home of this awesome brand in Australia and New Zealand.


The following bottles have been tested and verified:

    1L fuel bottles such as Primus, Trangier, MSR, and Optimus
    1.5L fuel bottles from Primus
    1L Nalgene bottles
    1.1L Thermoflask water bottle

    Any bottle with a circumference of 292mm/11.5" or less will fit.

      Four straps that can easily go around any mount point.
      Top strap to run through any slotted cap to prevent the bottle from coming out.
      Pull string with keeper in the top to keep shorter bottles and bottles without a slotted cap from coming out.
      Made from 1000D Cordura.

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