Web Dominators
Web Dominators
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Web Dominators

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Dominate the webbing (not the world wide web) with these handy little plastic adjusters. Control the Slack. You are the Master.

Slack control has never been more convenient or safer. These little safety gadgets ensure that there are no loose straps to get caught in or around chains, wheels, legs, levers, or anything really.

You can roll webbing around the Web Dominator or you can bundle the webbing and secure it by snapping the shock cord around the built in anchor. 

Attach it to 25 mm/1" webbing or cords, wires or excess materials. Use the elastic shock cord for easy adjustment and eliminate tangles, knots and mess.  You can (web) dominate it all. 

Split side bars make it easy to remove web dominators without having to undo the load. Sold in a pack of 4. Tidy. 

We are proud to be the home of this awesome brand in Australia and New Zealand.

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